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Your mental health is important to me. Please see below for the list of trigger warnings for my books. Feel free to reach out if you need any clarification or information.

Trigger Warnings

Tormented Symphony Series

(Subject to Change)


Anchor Point

  • Sexually explicit scenes in detail.

  • Explicit Language

  • Domestic violence

  • Rape and sexual abuse (on page)

  • Mental and physical abuse

  • Mental Health Rep: Panic and anxiety attacks, PTSD, depression

  • Kidnapping

  • Gun, knife violence

  • Mentions of drug use

  • Mentions of suicide (no detail)

  • Mentions of miscarriage (no detail)


Flash Point

  • Sexually explicit scenes in detail.

  • Explicit Language

  • Breeding Kink

  • Exhibitionism

  • Masochism

  • Anal Sex

  • Mental Health Rep: PTSD, depression

  • Death of a spouse (mentions)

  • Non Con (not between MCs)

  • Stalking

  • Somnophilia

  • Drugging/tranquilizing


Escaped Flame

  • Sexually explicit scenes in detail.

  • Explicit Language

  • Mental Health Rep: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), Panic and anxiety attacks, depression

  • Suicide attempt by gun (on page)

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Funeral, grief after death

  • Open heart surgery & struggle with healing/coping

  • Kidnapping, torture

  • Gun, knife violence

  • Knife Play, Breath Play


Three Alarm


Into The Black


Safety Zone

  • Sexually explicit scenes in detail.

  • Explicit Language

  • Sex Trafficking of a Minor (Teen)

  • Sexual Abuse, Forced submission (Involving but not between MCs)

  • ENM Relationship - FMF

  • FF/MMF Scenes

  • Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

  • D/s (Female D, M & F s)

  • Mental Health Rep: PTSD, depression, addiction, body dysmorphia

  • Religious Trauma

  • Gun, knife violence

  • Alcohol abuse



Twisted Metamorphosis Series

(Subject to Change)



  • Sexually explicit scenes in detail including:

    • D/s Dynamics​

    • Spitting

    • Mutual Masturbation

    • Sexual Acts on and Around Dead Bodies & with Blood (Between MCs, not necrophilia)

    • Non-Con Between MCs Involving Inections

    • CNC Between MCs

  • Explicit Language

  • Mentions of Teenage Suicide, Rape, Pregnancy as a Result of Rape

  • Mental Health Triggers:

    • ADHD (Including Dissociative Daydreaming, Tics, Struggling with Lack of Medication)​

    • Extreme Moments of Empathy - Mentally Recreating & Reenacting Murders

    • Childhood Trauma and Abuse

    • cPTSD

    • Mental Manipulation from Psychiatrist

  • Gun and Knife Violence & Murder

  • Extreme Gore

  • Dismemberment

  • Organ Removal & Cooking

  • Exsanguination

  • Accidental & Not So Accidental Cannibalism

  • Drugging by Spiked Drinks and Consenting Injections 


I do not condone drug use and I'm completely against any illegal, recreational drug use unless prescribed by and under the advice of a medical doctor. With that being said, I understand that drug addiction may not necessarily work in the way the book depicts it to, but, I took some liberties for the sake of the story


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coming soon...

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