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Escaped Flame - Tormented Symphony: Book 2

Escaped Flame - Tormented Symphony: Book 2


Publish date: 10/31/23

All paperbacks will come signed!


All paperbacks will come signed, and with a bookmark!






I don’t know where I am, I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. All I know is that I’m surrounded by darkness, and that I failed the only woman I've ever loved. I failed my best friend. I failed my father. My best friend died trying to protect Valentina, and his death weighs heavily on my soul. I’m trapped in hell physically and mentally, and I would do anything to get out. Even if it means selling my damaged soul to the devil.





They took him from me, and they will pay. They will all pay. I will go anywhere, and do anything to get Justin back, even if I have to go through hell. No one will dare cross me now that I've accepted my role as Queen of the Fiorelli Family, and with the leader of the Calaveras Negras’ blood on my hands… They WILL bow down to me, or suffer the same fate. No one will keep him from us… No one.

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