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DAMAGES: Flash Point: A Tormented Symphony Novella

DAMAGES: Flash Point: A Tormented Symphony Novella

$9.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price

**Coupons do not apply to clerance and damaged items - Sold as is!**


The Zon messed up a batch of copies of Flash Point, and they need to go!


There are no major damages, just the print quality is really... bad. Some of the chapter images have lines through them like they ran out of ink. Some covers may have a little bit of creasing, some may have some slightly off center print. 


None of them are un-readable though! I will sign them all, and put them in a tub to be picked at random. Enjoy!


Publish date: 6/15/23





I'm not the kind of man that women keep. I am not gentle, romantic, or a generous lover... I'm rough, intense, and I fuck, then go separate ways. Being forced to secretly work for Marco De La Rosa, leader of the Calaveras Negras, was hell, but manageable, until she came around. Detective Anna Graham is everything I want, and everything I'll never be able to have. Once I get a taste of her, I become addicted. But my secrets will ruin her, will ruin us. That can't happen. She can never know what I've done…


Life hasn't been the kindest to me. My husband was murdered while on duty with the FBI, leaving me lost and alone. To make ends meet, I fight in underground MMA competitions and train with Spencer West. The most arrogant asshole in the fire department... Also, the hottest man I have ever laid eyes on. I finally give into temptation, and I can't get enough. His darkness feels like home, and I'm torn between my desires and my sanity. I have to make him mine;  I can’t lose the person I have become, but I can’t lose him either…

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