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Special Announcement!!

I know most of you who visit here follow my Instagram, but I'm happy to officially announce that I have a novella in the works!

It takes place three months before Anchor Point, and explores Spencer and Anna's relationship before everything went down in Anchor Point!

This novella started off as bonus chapters for a special edition I wanted to write for our raffle, but since I have been all over the place, I haven't been able to promote the raffle as much as I wanted and it didn't get a lot of attention.

I am drawing winners tomorrow! But instead of a special edition of Anchor Point I will be sending a signed copy and a signed copy of the novella once it's done!

I'm so excited to bring you guys Flash Point, and for you to explore that tension that was going on with Spencer and Anna in Anchor Point.


Escaped Flame is still on track for 9/15 release, I'm just a little bit behind. I'll get caught up!

I'm hoping to finish Flash Point sometime by this weekend.

Until next time


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