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I am so happy to have you here, thank you for visiting! I'm excited to share my deliciously dark, and tortured stories with you.

Hello There, Lovelies

Meet Sarah Daniels
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I currently life in Orange County, California with my husband and 4 year old son.

Why I Write:

I struggle with my mental health, and in each of my stories, my characters struggle with me. If they can overcome their struggles, so can I, so can we.

I love to write what I want to read, and what I look for in books. Plot twists, spicy smut, killer plot... killers... All the red flags ;)

My Favorite Reads

* Salacious Player Club - Sara Cate

* Batter Up Series - Brittany Ann

* Mindf*ck Series - S.T. Abby

What I Listen to:

Metal. Metalcore. Metal anything. 

Favorites include: Ice Nine Kills, Shinedown, Pop Evil, Metallica, Bad Omens, Five Finger Death Punch, From Ashes to New

Coffee Addict

Espresso cures the depresso. 

Or so I like to tell myself. Caramel anything, and on ice preferred.

Fun Facts

* I can only eat tuna sushi

* I'm the most introverted Gemini you'll ever meet

* I'm obsessed with Supernatural

* My son is deaf, and wears                  cochlear implants 

* I'm learning to ride a motorcycle!

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